Avihud Ben-Tovim's office was founded in 2000

.Avihud was born in Montreal, Canada. He was educated and raised in Canada until graduating high school. At the age of 17, he made Aliyah alone and enlisted in the IDF
After the army, he studied Architecture in Jerusalem and graduated with honors

For the past 20 years, Avihud has been working independently and in collaboration with a well-known Jerusalem architectural firm David Brin & Assoc. , which specializes in public buildings, residential buildings and various projects abroad

In our work, we strive for excellence in architectural work, and strive to express through it a value and cohesive worldview that affects the public and private space through its organization and design, while creating a balance between man and his environment - his physical, climatic and cultural conditions

Over the past two decades, our firm has designed dozens of creative and diverse projects for private and institutional clients. The firm specializes in the design of private homes, construction extensions for private clients and Taba changes
The firm also engages in public architectural design for institutional clients in the fields of education and sports

Our firm is committed to providing creative solutions and innovative architectural thinking that gives each project its unique character

We make sure that the architectural, visual and functional result, obtained in close cooperation with our clients, will meet the high standards we have set for ourselves since the firm was established. Our standards include adherence to a budgetary framework, close cooperation and personal and professional architectural consulting based on extensive practical knowledge and rich experience